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Hydraulic Jacks Manufactured to Meet Demanding Safety Codes
Whether from our standard BJ Series Jacks, or custom orders, all our jacks are manufactured to the American Safety code ANSI AI7.1 In addition, each component must pass thorough quality control steps before being released for shipping.
When we make custom engineer jacks, your specifications are reviewed, and we communicate with you to ensure the highest level of safety and satisfaction possible.
Custom engineered Jack Units and prices are available from the factory on request.
Standard Holed & Custom Engineered
Pistons from 4" to 10-1/2" are standard; other pistons are available on request. One piece pistons to 65' are available. Multi-piece pistons with threaded gray iron couplings are available to meet any job requirement.
BJ Hydraulic Jack Unit Sizes
Plunger Diameter Cylinder Diameter
4" 6"
4-3/8" 6"
5" 8"
5-1/2" 8"
6" 8" or 10"
6-1/2" 8" or 10"
7' 10"
7-1/2" 10"
8" 10"
8-1/2" 10"
9" 12"
9-1/2" 12"

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Multi Piece Replacement Pistons & Cylinders
Providing replacement jacks for single bottom cylinders, leaking jack units or any installation that requires multi-piece jack assemblies account for approximately 50% of our jack business.
Our cylinders are typically threaded pipe with threaded couplings that are welded on one side in the shop and they are screwed together and weided on the other side in the field, this provided a straight assembly.
The pistons are precision threaded in the shop and ductile iron inserts are threaded into one side of the piston and assembled in the field. All joints on the piston are sealed with "O" rings.
Cylinder sections are coated with a rust prevention mastic. Tape wrap as an additional protection is available.
Piston sections are protected with a coating of protective oil and covered with waxed rust inhibitor paper.
Replacement custom buffer spring assemblies are available for most installations.
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